The Lost of The Nations Greatest Entertainer of All Time

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson dies after a rumored cardiac arrest yesterday, Thursday June 24. Known for his electrifying and entertaining moves, MJ has been entertaining the nation for over 30 years . Recently the entertainer has been known as Wack Jacko for his crazy antics but for many he will always be remembered as The King Of Pop. The 50-year-old musical superstar’s shocking death happens just as he was preparing for what would be a series of 50 concerts starting July 13. Jackson died at UCLA Medical Center where he was rushed after a nearly 20mins of trying to revive him at his home in Los Angeles.

Jackson’s 13 No. 1 one hits on the Billboard charts put him behind only Presley and the Beatles.

R.I.P Michael your spirit and music will forever live with us forever ……………………………..

In other news:


1970’s sex symbol and TV star of “Charlie’s Angels, Farrah Fawcett, ended her three year fight against anal cancer. Fawcett, 62, died Thursday morning at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica a month after  the airing of “Farrah’s Story,” a documentary in which she allowed viewers to witness her battle with cancer.


Just Now, I Want The Air Yeezy’s

Yo world. I haven’t posted in a very long ass time.  But I must say this has me thinking. First I get an email this morning speaking about a release for sneakers at a certain store.(I wasn’t interested. Not one to stand in line for some Sneaks anyway).  Next I’m getting texts about these certain shoes.  3rd, a grown ass man hit me up askin if I had the “hook up” on these certain shoes.(Which I don’t and I don’t think anyone does unless you know that person who everyone just claims they know.)  But…. Lastly I see this photo (that is oh so stuntastic)  and now I want the Air Yeezy’s.  Any clue on how I can get some without standing in line????



Yes, it’s just that serious… And these aren’t even the newest one coming.  These are


Lauren London baby-daddy is Lil’ Wayne

Omg, I heard this story on the radio and the net. The word is out that Ms. Lauren London is pregant with Mr. Dewayne Carter baby. My favorite radio station V103 confirmed yesterday that its really true. I know that people are attracted to different things, but wow Lil’ Wayne is a walking human art museum with all them dang tattoos on his body. Those tatts would completely turn me all the way off.

Photographer sues Chris Brown

Chris Brown really is becoming the next Micheal Jackson, because people just wont leave them alone. First, theres the Rihanna thing. Second, people are trying to say that Chris is the reseason why Rihanna semi-nude pictures are on the internet. Now, some stupid photographer dude is trying to sue Chris, because one Chris’ bodyguards beat him up. Why sue Chris for something the bodyguard did? It’s not like Chris told him to do that. Chris was too busy playin b-ball with his friends. Also, tell me why that same man trying to also sue LA Fitness(they didnt do it either). Dude just want some money thats all. That guy is an idiot and needs a real job!-x0x0 Gina

Did Chris Brown leak Rihanna pics?

Chris Brown’s reps are disputing online accusating that Chris was the one that sent out pictures of Rihanna on the net. Its known that the pictures are of a woman looking from behind & that another picture of the women in the mirrow taken with an Blackberry. Okay as i stated in my last blog about Rihanna pictures. That one, when it comes to taking pics where its of the back & not the face, common sense tells you that it could possibly not be her. I also think that Chris didnt put those pics on the internet, because why in the world would he do sonething like that to make him look even worst then he’s already looking wit the whole beating her up thing. Come on really. Someone else as clearly did that to make Chris look bad. Leave the boy alone people dang.-x0x0 Ginah%3D320%3Bw%3D320%3Bfill%3Dfit%3B[1]

Are the Pictures really Rihanna’s?

Okay I was reading on that on Friday, seven photos appeared on Two of the photos appeared to be Rihanna’s face, four of the pictures featured various body shots of a semi-nude woman, which many including Perez Hilton, suspect is Rihanna. The woman’s face is not visible in the nude photos(common sense tells you that if you can see her face that it is not her.). The website also states that the final photo features what appears to be a semi-clothed Rihanna in black underwear or bathing suit bottoms and a white hotel-style robe. The women is taking a photo of herself in the the mirror with a Blackberry. It also says that the mirror has the words”I love you” & “I miss you,”and was signed “Robyn” which is Rihanna’s real name. All I got to say is “Wow”.-x0x0 Gina ri

Ashanti to Star in Play “The Wiz”

shantiThe singer-song writer Ashanti is suppose to appear in the stage play “The Wiz” as Dorothy. I do not think that that will be a very hard role for Miss Ashanti. Taking that Ashanti has played in the Disney Channels’ Muffets movie version of “The Wizard of Oz”. So this time it should not make any difference. Well except the fact that its gonna be a play, on stage, and in New York City at the New York City Center from June 12th-July 5th(wish i could go & see it.). Well hopefully you New Yorkers will catch it and maybe tell me about it. Well until next time -x0x0 Gina