Just Now, I Want The Air Yeezy’s

Yo world. I haven’t posted in a very long ass time.  But I must say this has me thinking. First I get an email this morning speaking about a release for sneakers at a certain store.(I wasn’t interested. Not one to stand in line for some Sneaks anyway).  Next I’m getting texts about these certain shoes.  3rd, a grown ass man hit me up askin if I had the “hook up” on these certain shoes.(Which I don’t and I don’t think anyone does unless you know that person who everyone just claims they know.)  But…. Lastly I see this photo (that is oh so stuntastic)  and now I want the Air Yeezy’s.  Any clue on how I can get some without standing in line????



Yes, it’s just that serious… And these aren’t even the newest one coming.  These are



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